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Today as expected, the House of Representatives took up H.R. 1563 for consideration under a procedure called “suspension of the rules,” which required a two-thirds majority of the House for passage.

The bill did manage to get a simple majority of 266-160. But since it needed 18 more votes to get to that two-thirds goal, it failed to pass.

Thank you for taking the time to contact your representative about this needless and vindictive measure.

Federal Employee Tax Accountability Act of 2015 (H.R. 1563), which would force federal workers to provide, under threat of retaliation, their personal tax records—in direct violation of their right to keep their personal tax records private. The bill also would require the federal government to terminate the employment of any federal worker who has a delinquent tax debt.

H.R. 1563 is unnecessary, punitive, and harmful to employee morale. What would be more prudent would be to allow that worker to continue on the job, allowing him or her the opportunity to pay back what he or she owes.

Besides, federal agencies, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, already have the legal authority they need to do what they must in situations where a federal worker owes back taxes, such as garnishing a portion of the worker’s wages. The IRS has stated that it has had no trouble doing this.

And in any case, the tax delinquency rate for federal employees is less than half that of the general public; last year, that rate was a mere 3.12 percent.

Any new law intended to address tax debt delinquency should be crafted to encourage and allow the worker to repay the debt without the fear of termination. H.R. 1563, as written, does not accomplish this.


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