As we all are experiencing here and around the World COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. I been gathering resources to better educate our membership and the public in the Tri-state area on valuable information to protect you and your loved ones that had been affected at many levels. Please follow all CDC ,WHO and Government guidelines and avoid sites that give false truths. The sites I post from are from reliable resource sites that are .org and .gov. Even though some made read from .com sites like CNN and FoxNews they tend to pick out pieces they like with their own opinions on the topics. I give it to you with no opinion and just the facts in the context that is given. If you have the symptoms as I posted on this page STAY HOME and seek Medical attention. Call or visit your Doctor first and follow their instructions on self treatment but if the condition gets worse your Doctor may instruct you to go to the Hospital. Please try to be healthy, safe and use commonsense to protect yourself and others. -Webmaster and Retired USPS Mail Carrier Tom Ryan-   

COVID-19 Vaccines

On January 20th 2021, President Biden and Vice President will step into Office running to get many things in place but most important to all is COVID-19. They are looking to the Science to get this virus under control and to finally get rid of this pandemic to help get America and the rest of the World to a normal life.
Get the latest up to date information on the clinical studies for vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. Hope is on the way but in the mean time please wear the mask, social distance 6ft and wash hands or use sanitizer. We can brave this through and beat this virus.

How to Make a Mask

Everyone Should Wear a Mask in Public

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(Visit liteblue for more Coronavirus Information)