As we all are experiencing here and around the World COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. I been gathering resources to better educate our membership and the public in the Tri-state area on valuable information on prevention, Company and Union Information I receive from Stand Up Talks from the USPS and Update Information from NALC Br. 294 President Tony Paolillo I receive on what to do if you or a loved one gets this horrible disease. Please follow all CDC guidelines, sterilize your home and workplace and avoid sites that give false truths. The sites I posted are from the actual sites that everyone should get their information from not Joe Loves America sites that put their own spins on things. If you have the symptoms as I posted on this page STAY HOME. Call your Family Doctor first and follow their instructions on self treatment and don't go to the Hospital cause they are already overwhelmed with serious cases. If it gets serious call your Family Doctor and the Hotline for instructions and then if it does become an emergency go to the Hospital or call an Ambulance. Please try to be healthy and safe, buy only essentials if you have to go out and Stay Home cause the less the public moves around the lower spread becomes and that lowers the curve so Hospitals can handle the load of serious and critical conditions. -Webmaster and USPS Mail Carrier Tom Ryan-   

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Everyone Should Wear a Mask in Public

I have noticed lately in the News that the scammers are out there in force. It's upsetting when we end up in a crisis where some a-hole tries to take advantage of the situation to steal our information and our identity. With the recent Bill that Congress had passed onto President Trump who signed it into Law most Americans will see $1200 to help them through this pandemic. People been getting calls, text and emails from scammers that claim they are from the IRS to help them on the money only to steal your Social Security number and Credit Card information. The IRS and Social Security will only contact you by mail and if you have any questions then call the directly. Keep Safe All

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