As we all are experiencing here and around the World COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. I been gathering resources to better educate our membership and the public in the Tri-state area on valuable information on prevention, Company and Union Information I receive from Stand Up Talks from the USPS and Update Information from NALC Br. 294 President Tony Paolillo I receive on what to do if you or a loved one gets this horrible disease. Please follow all CDC guidelines, sterilize your home and workplace and avoid sites that give false truths. The sites I posted are from the actual sites that everyone should get their information from not Joe Loves America sites that put their own spins on things. If you have the symptoms as I posted on this page STAY HOME. Call your Family Doctor first and follow their instructions on self treatment and don't go to the Hospital cause they are already overwhelmed with serious cases. If it gets serious call your Family Doctor and the Hotline for instructions and then if it does become an emergency go to the Hospital or call an Ambulance. Please try to be healthy and safe, buy only essentials if you have to go out and Stay Home cause the less the public moves around the lower spread becomes and that lowers the curve so Hospitals can handle the load of serious and critical conditions. -Webmaster and USPS Mail Carrier Tom Ryan-   

COVID-19 Vaccines


                                                                     FFCRA Leave Requirements Expired Dec. 31, 2020

The requirement that employers provide paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) expired on Dec. 31, 2020. Please visit the Wage and Hour Division’s FFCRA Questions and Answers page to learn more about workers’ and employers’ rights and responsibilities after this date.

COVID-19 Related MOUs Extended Until March 26, 2021 - December 22, 2020

By joint agreement (M-01932), several COVID related memorandums of understanding have been further extended through March 26, 2021. These memoranda include: temporary expanded sick leave for dependent care (M-01910); temporary additional paid leave for CCAs (M-01911); temporary use of the 7:01 rule (M-01913); temporary workplace changes to promote social distancing (M-01915); and temporary use of TCAs (M-01916).

NALC and the Postal Service also agreed to another temporary time limit extension on Step B and arbitration appeals (M-01933), and an agreement giving local parties the ability to develop a sign-up process for full-time employees who previously did not, or could not, place their names on either the overtime desired list or work assignment list (M-01934). Both of these agreements will expire on March 26, 2021, as well.

Also extended through March 26, 2021, is a USPS memorandum (M-01914) which instructs managers and supervisors to allow liberal changes of schedule to accommodate employees who are dealing with childcare issues related to the pandemic. The memorandum also provides for liberal sick leave usage for employees who are sick and liberal annual and leave without pay (LWOP) to the extent operationally feasible, treats COVID-19 related leave as scheduled (as opposed to unscheduled) leave, and directs that leave taken for COVID-19 related reasons during this time not be cited in discipline for failing to maintain an assigned schedule.

Each of the MOUs and the USPS directive can be found in NALC’s Materials Reference System on the NALC website.

On January 20th 2021, President Biden and Vice President will step into Office running to get many things in place but most important to all is COVID-19. They are looking to the Science to get this virus under control and to finally get rid of this pandemic to help get America and the rest of the World to a normal life.
Get the latest up to date information on the clinical studies for vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. Hope is on the way but in the mean time please wear the mask, social distance 6ft and wash hands or use sanitizer. We can brave this through and beat this virus.

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