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Our monthly Flushing Letter Carriers NALC Br.294 meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Knights of Columbus in Flushing on 160 street just off Northern Blvd. Our General Meetings for our membership will begin at around 6PM. Food and beverages will be available to all that attend. Read the postings at your Station where the Shop Steward will post our meetings and any changes or cancellations that may come about.

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May 10, 2022
NALC and the Postal Service have agreed to an alternate route evaluation and adjustment process

NALC and the Postal Service have agreed to several memorandums of understanding (MOUs) to establish an alternate route evaluation and adjustment process for the remainder of 2022 and all of 2023. 

MOU Re: Technology Integrated Alternate Route Evaluation and Adjustment Process 2022 – 2023 (TIAREAP) establishes a process that utilizes information made available using Digital Street Review (DSR) technology as the primary means to evaluate and adjust city delivery routes. As in previous alternate route evaluation and adjustment processes, TIAREAP will involve multiple teams established throughout the country, comprised of one NALC representative and one USPS representative, who will jointly evaluate and adjust routes in select zones. Once the joint teams have been selected, training and zone selection will take place shortly afterward, with evaluations beginning in September.  This MOU (M-01982) can be found in NALC’s Materials Reference System.

A jointly developed supplemental document (M-01983) provides the mutual understanding of the national parties on issues related to the MOU Re: Technology Integrated Alternate Route Evaluation and Adjustment Process 2022-2023. It is intended for use by the parties at all levels in properly applying the terms of TIAREAP.

Also, as in the previous alternate route adjustment process, an MOU was agreed upon that allows local parties to jointly submit for consideration a locally developed alternate route evaluation and adjustment process to the NALC National President and the Postal Service Vice President, Labor Relations. This MOU, Re: Alternate Evaluation and Adjustment Processes (M-01984) requires a proposal for such alternate process to be submitted by the NALC Branch President and the Postal Service Installation Head and must provide a detailed explanation of the process. If the proposal is jointly agreed to by the national parties, the local parties will be notified regarding implementation.

The City Delivery and Workplace Improvement Task Force in the 2019-2023 National Agreement tasked the national parties with jointly exploring the use of technology, data, advanced analytics and machine learning to improve operations, route evaluation, adjust­ment and optimization. Agreement to implement the Technology Integrated Alternate Route Evaluation and Adjustment process comes after more than 14 months of joint exploration and testing of the utilization of DSR technology to evaluate and adjust routes. 

April 06, 2022
President Biden signs Postal Service Reform Act into law

Today, President Biden signed the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 (H.R. 3076) into law. The president’s signature comes after the bill passed with massive bipartisan majorities in the House in February and in the Senate in March.

Annette Taylor, an NALC member who delivered mail for 32 years, introduced President Biden at the signing ceremony. Taylor, who served in the Air Force for eight years before beginning her career as a letter carrier, previously served as the president, vice president and recording secretary of Alexandria, VA Branch 567. She is the current vice president of the Maryland State Association of Letter Carriers.  

“NALC is proud to have contributed to the efforts over the last 12 years that resulted in this bipartisan legislation that brings us together today,” Taylor said. “This legislation will help position the USPS to provide the service that the American people deserve. Mr. President, the Postal Service is an essential facilitator of our democracy and our economy. We know there is more to do to secure its long-term viability, but today is a huge step forward.  My union stands ready to assist you.”

“With this bill, we're repealing the pre-funding mandate and setting the Postal Service on a more sustainable and stable financial footing,” President Biden said. “We're guaranteeing that the mail will continue to be delivered six days a week. And the bill increases transparency by requiring the Postal Service to develop an online public dashboard updated weekly with local and national service performance data. Today, we enshrine in law our recognition that the Postal Service is fundamental to our economy, to our democracy, to our health, and the very sense of who we are as a nation.”

“After 12 years of fighting for meaningful postal reform, NALC is gratified to see President Biden sign this bill into law,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “I would like to thank every NALC member who helped us get here. Your solidarity and activism were instrumental in this bill’s path to becoming law.

“I would also like to commend the bipartisan work on this bill that was led by Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Ranking Member James Comer (R-KY), Chairman Gary Peters (D-MI) and Ranking Member Rob Portman (R-OH). This legislation will put the Postal Service in a better position to grow and adapt to the evolving needs of America’s households and businesses.

“Today, we celebrate this historic victory for letter carriers, the Postal Service and all Americans who depend on our universal service. We look forward to continuing working with members of Congress and the Biden Administration on reforms that will further strengthen the Postal Service and improve the work and lives of our members.”

A video of the signing ceremony is available here.

March 28, 2022
Maximum Annual Leave Carryover Amount of 520 Hours
Extended into Leave Year 2023

The NALC and the Postal Service have agreed to a memorandum of understanding (M-01979) that increases the maximum allowable annual leave carryover amounts outlined in the Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM). For leave year 2023, regular work force career employees covered by the USPS-NALC National Agreement may carry over 520 hours of accumulated annual leave from leave year 2022 to leave year 2023. Provisions in the Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) regarding payment of accumulated leave are not changed as a result of this MOU, which expires December 31, 2023.

This MOU can be found in NALC’s Materials Reference System on the NALC website.

March 14, 2022
 New COVID-19 guide available

NALC strives to keep letter carriers informed and as safe as possible. To help letter carriers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, a new COVID-19 guide that includes current tools and procedures is now available.

This guide is designed to keep letter carriers safe in the workplace. It is a compilation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and Postal Service policies, which the USPS states are based on CDC guidance. Recommendations and policies are subject to change as the pandemic evolves. The guide will be updated online as necessary.

March 03, 2022
PTF hourly rates to be implemented in the City Carrier Wage Schedule (effective Feb. 26) by March 26

City Carrier Wage Schedule effective Feb. 26, 2022

The Postal Service has advised NALC that the PTF hourly rates in the new City Carrier Wage Schedule, effective Feb. 26, 2022, are not expected to be fully implemented until March 26, 2022 (Pay Period 8).

The Postal Service has also advised NALC that any backpay due to the delay in implementing the additional hourly holiday pay for eligible Part-time Flexible City Letter Carriers will be paid retroactive to Jan. 1, 2022.

February 18, 2022
27 pay periods in 2022 leave year and its effect on annual leave earning

Each year, the leave year begins with the first day of the first complete pay period in a calendar year and ends on the day before the first day of the first complete pay period in the following calendar year. For 2022, the leave year began Jan. 1, 2022 (Pay Period 02-22) and ends Jan. 13, 2023 (Pay Period 02-23) for a total of 27 pay periods.

Therefore, employees may earn one additional pay period’s worth of annual leave during the 2022 leave year as compared to the typical 26 pay period leave year. For a full-time employee, the extra pay period amount will be 4, 6, or 8 hours, depending on the employee’s leave earning category. Part-time letter carriers earn leave based on the number of work hours during the pay period up to the same amount of leave earned by full-time employees. CCAs are credited with one hour of annual leave for each twenty hours spent in a pay status during each biweekly pay period.

Although employees may earn one additional pay period’s worth of annual leave during leave year 2022, the annual leave carryover maximums will not increase because of it. Employees must use any annual leave in excess of the carryover limit that applies to them by the end of leave year 2022 (Jan. 13, 2023) or they will forfeit the hours of annual leave that are in excess of their carryover limit. Any additional leave earned by CCAs will be paid out when they take their mandatory break in service between appointments. 

February 18, 2022
 Interpretive dispute filed over PTF Step AA

NALC has filed an interpretive dispute over the Postal Service’s method of calculating overtime pay, Sunday premium pay, general wage increases, and cost of living adjustments (COLAs) for part-time flexible employees in Step AA. This dispute centers around Article 9 Section 8 and Article 11 Section 7 of the 2019 National Agreement and how they interact with each other.

Article 9 Section 8 states “[t]he Step AA Hourly Basic Rate will be equal to Step A of the Full-Time/Part-Time Regular Employees Hourly Basic Rate in Table Two.”  Although, at the start of the term of the current collective bargaining agreement, the Postal Service paid this amount to Step AA PTFs for straight time, NALC discovered that it used a lower hourly rate to calculate overtime and Sunday premiums. 

NALC’s position is that their overtime, and Sunday premium pay should be the same as FTR/PTR Step A. 

When PTF Step AA went into effect, the hourly basic rate was $19.88.  However, the Postal Service manufactured a new lower annual rate which generated a lower hourly rate of $19.12 as a base for calculating the overtime and Sunday premium for carriers in PTF Step AA. This resulted in PTFs in Step AA to be under paid by $1.15 for each hour of regular overtime and $0.19 for each straight time hour worked on a Sunday.  This error has been compounded over time and now sits at $1.21 for regular overtime and $0.20 for Sunday premium after the release of the January COLA effective February 26.

Additionally, the Postal Service is calculating general wage increases and COLAs for PTFs in Step AA using its manufactured lower annual rate. This includes falsely creating and using a lower proportion of COLA.  This has resulted in an hourly rate for PTF Step AA which no longer equals FTR/PTR Step A.  This deviation will continue to compound over time as more general wage increases and COLAs are received.

Furthermore, with the addition of the Juneteenth National Independence Day holiday, the Postal Service’s misapplication of Article 11.7 is creating an even larger straight time hourly rate deviation between PTF Step AA and FTR/PTR Step A.

The grievance is currently scheduled for national arbitration before Arbitrator Dennis Nolan on April 21.


President - Tony Paolillo
Vice President -  Harry Carney
Secretary - Keith Bates
Financial Secretary  - Ron Oree
Treasurer - Phil Khan
Assistant Secretary Treasurer - Gerry Tripp
Director of City Delivery - Michael Moore
Director of Retirees - Clara Sarmiento
Editor - Andy Fontanetta
Sergeant at Arms - Todd Akelson

Trustee - Victor Vicenty
Trustee - Ivelis Medina
Trustee - Raul Escudero

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Our monthly NALC Br.294 meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Knights of Columbus in Flushing. The Union meeting will start with the Shop Steward meeting at 5PM followed by the General Meeting at 6PM. Food and beverages will be served.  

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