Here is are the links, manuals and forms for all our Union bothers and sisters as well as our Union Officials and Shop Stewards that may find this useful. Feel free to click on anything and learn and gather all the information you need.



Know Your Rights

Equal Employment Opportunity

Contact Union Office if you feel you been discriminate due to disability, age , race etc. Call and file a complaint with EEO on a timely basis.

(888) 336-8877


FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)

Leave Donation

Use it or lose it cause 440 is max AL. Help a Brother or Sister and Donate it

Taxes & Payroll Deductions

Any Questions call Accounting Help Desk (866)974-2733


All Postal Clubs are Welcome to Join On Our Site. Contact the Union Office and give us Details on the Website you made have.

Station Forms

Compensation (On the Job Injury)
All Accidents Need to be Reported
No Matter How Small

Compensation CA-16
 This form, Authorization for Treatment, can only be provided by the EMPLOYER ONLY
The OWCP - 957 has to be done in a timely matter and not all illnesses or injures are covered but it's worth a shot.

Steward Materials

Coming Soon

NALC Shop Steward's Guide updated

The NALC Shop Steward’s Guide along with many Grievance Starters are now available on the members only portal. The NALC Shop Steward’s Guide is written for every NALC member who handles grievances at the Informal Step A and/or Formal Step A of the grievance procedure.

Any other versions of the Shop Stewards Guide or Toolkit are obsolete and will no longer be available. The guide will only be available through the members only portal. This will allow NALC to update the guide in real time and ensure all stewards, activists and members have access.

To access the guide, from the NALC website log on to the “MEMBERS ONLY” portal, and click the “MEMBERS  DOCUMENTS” button where you will find the Shop Steward’s Guide and the available Grievance Starters in a drop down menu.

Other NALC Branches


Employee Help Services


Higher Education

Services and Discounts for Veterans and their families

Need to type in due to website restrictions.


Survivor's Guide

Preparing For Retirement

FERS Special Retirement Supplement (SRS) Video

All forms below are only used for scrap work only. When doing your Consultation with HRSS they will go over the forms you need from the Blue Book and those forms are the only ones they accept. DO NOT FILL OUT THOSE FORMS BEFORE THEN! 

Additional Information

FMLA forms to be processed by the Human Resource Shared Service Center (HRSSC). All FMLA documention must be sent via email or fax to HRSSC. Email    FAX: 651-456-6062 


HRSSC FMLA - Northeast

PO Box 970901

Greenboro, N.C. 27497-0901

Any questions call Matthew Doxey, Manager, HRM at 718-348-3615